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We manufacture thousands of metal, plastic, custom shape, wood and domed name badges every day right here in Toronto, Canada. Upload your design, do it on-line, or let us do it for you. Delivered in 2-3 days, there’s no need to look elsewhere! 416-368-702

Name Badges

Professional name badges are a great way for your front line to represent your company. The ability to communicate on a first name basis helps to build trust, and trust leads to sales.  Outfit your staff with a badge that suits your brand. When you order your badges, they are manufactured right here in Toronto, and we typically ship in 2 or 3 days. 

There is a lot to know before you order your first badge; here are some of the basics.

  • Don’t use a magnet backer if you are doing physical activity
  • Opt for rounded corners, square corners look sharp, because they are
  • If you have a high turnover, choose reusable badges with P-Touch tape
  • Bigger isn’t better, if it’s too bulky, it will hang off your clothing

 Toronto Stamp developed our Release Program to help you save money and time, if you are considering buying badges, make sure you learn more about this program first.  You will be amazed at how simple and efficient it is!

120 Midwest Road, Toronto, ON M1P 3B2
phone 416-368-7022 | 1-800-637-5813  or  fax 416-368-2478 | 1-800-637-5814
e-mail sales@torstamp.com